WARNING: Internet Addiction Is Real! Stickers for Sale

The average person aged 12-24 in the USA spends, on average, 3 hours per DAY on their devices. As a result, I decided to sell some stickers on my instagram to raise awareness of this issue.

The sticker is available on RedBubble, but here are some techniques I’ve been using to minimize my device usage.

1. No Devices In Bed

It’s easy and convenient enough to use a phone while performing a task that requires absolute focus, let alone while laying comfortably under the sheets in bed. As a result, I’ve noticed a superior reduction in screen time (and less time spent in bed) when I leave my phone on a desk/table outside of my bedroom. This impact is twofold: I have had a much easier time falling asleep at night and in the morning, I’ve had a much easier time getting ready for the day distraction free.

2. Grey Scale

The other thing I’ve recently tried is going grey. As Nellie Bowles from the NYTimes says, “I’ve gone grey and its great!”

I recommend reading that article, but since not all of you are NYTimes subscribers, I will summarize

  1. Advertisers use color to make you do things (apps that are slightly red in the corner to mimic notifications, etc.)
  2. Color is primarily associated with emotion. Loaded content on Reddit is often very colorful to add additional oomph, but that’s not what I want from my device