You wake up. Over the next 24 hours until–you wake up in the morning again–you will join almost 3,320,000,000 global workers that will work on any given day. Your iPhone or Android is built with parts from over 25 countries, and is powered by software likely made and managed by the over 4,400,000 American software engineers (I am one of them :D) who will join you on this daily adventure.

Over the course of the day, 36,000,000 packages will be delivered and roughly about 3% of them–about a million– will be lost/delayed/stolen. So if you were expecting a package on this day and it’s totally missing, there are literally a million cases just like yours. At least you are not alone!

About 117 Americans will die in a car crash today, 1900 will die from heart disease, and, if it is 2022, around 400 Americans will die from Covid-19. Further, almost 220 people will die from alcohol-related damage (more than car crashes), so keep that in mind if you are heading out tonight.

8,500,000,000 Google searches will be made, Roughly 6,000,000,000 texts will be sent, and Amazon will ship around 1,600,000 packages. Facebook will generate around 3 billion dollars in revenue. If you hit the space bar on your keyboard, whether by typing or just for fun, roughly 30+ people will have hit theirs at the same time!

A whopping 4,500 Americans will get married, 40,000 new cars will be sold, and 16,000 homes will transfer hands. Remember, this is each day. Just under 10,000 American babies will be born, four thousand of them to unwed parents. American chickens will lay 31,000,000 eggs in that day as well. In china, 1.6 billion eggs will be laid by chickens! 237,00,000 TONS per day globally.

The Mighty Chicken

The average social media user will be online for about an hour and five minutes. Multiplied by the 302 million American social media users, over a year (13 months) will be spent on social media per day! Americans will drive 8,700,000,000 miles as well. Wow.

What Do I Do With This Information?

The news happily takes advantage of the fact that you aren’t thinking about these things. For example, when Arizona passes a law that bans recording police officers within 8 feet, you don’t realize that only 2.3% of living Americans live in Arizona, 0.096% of the world population lives in Arizona, and of all the people that have ever lived, only 0.007% of people will be affected by this “fascist takeover“. The world is HUGE. Only 4.2% of the world is American. For every person who can no longer record the police within 8 feet, 16 actual American pigs will be turned into bacon each year. Try to imagine killing a single pig and turning it into bacon, then try to imagine every single person in Arizona doing it every three and a quarter weeks. The scale is mind boggling.

This is not to say that current events aren’t important, but I believe they lack a large amount of perspective that can help make you a more informed person. Your fellow Americans are actually driving for over eight and a half billion miles today and selling forty-thousand cars! 1,700 Americans will get divorced and around 9,200 will straight up die. Globally, over 110,000 people will die today!!

The world is much, much, much, much bigger than it seems. So much bigger. I mean, writing a tweet for every American who dies today you would end up with a book 1840 pages long. Yes, TODAY! You can’t possibly believe that the news or media represents anything critical other than building up and maintaining the imagined image of the world we all have. Over three billion people will work today: from mining coal to farming (there are over 540 million farms operating globally) to teaching in school. 97,103,871 barrels of oil are consumed per day as well.


If you are having a good or bad day, you are so not alone. If you think it’s really the worst day of your life then 1) it wont get any worse and 2) you can rest assured that many people are also having their worst days.

If we take the average global lifespan of 73.2 years and multiply it by the 365 days in a year, then we can assume that there is a 1 / 26718 chance that any given day will be your best or worst day in your whole life. Multiplied out across the global population, about 295,680 people will have the worst day of their lives today. An identical amount will have peaked today. The other 7.4 billion will have had a day somewhere between the best and worst days they had or will ever have.

I don’t know. I find solace in the numbers. I know, for a fact, that there are so many people out there just like me. I mean, I guess if the government and other data collectors are lying about the data then I really have no idea what is out there. Guess I’ll just go and find out for myself.

Traveling through Arizona to discover for myself what life is like out there. Most of it is land, that’s for sure.

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