WARNING: Internet Addiction Is Real! Stickers for Sale

The average person aged 12-24 in the USA spends, on average, 3 hours per DAY on their devices. As a result, I decided to sell some stickers on my instagram to raise awareness of this issue. The sticker is available on RedBubble, but here are some techniques I’ve been using to minimize my device usage.…
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Featured in Daily Californian – Kendrick Sharpe’s Comments on The Pandemic

Kendrick Sharpe contributes to reflections about the shutdown of UC Berkeley. Read more at the link below, or click here.


This year, I’ve built a series of AI/ML projects concerning Pac-Man! I have completed, with 100% accuracy, the following: P1: Search Students implement depth-first, breadth-first, uniform cost, and A* search algorithms. These algorithms are used to solve navigation and traveling salesman problems in the Pacman world. P2: Multiagent Classic Pacman is modeled as both an…
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Kendrick Sharpe Successful Presentation titled OUR FUTURE

According to the UDLS,, Kendrick Sharpe is scheduled to present to his classmates and professors about the consequences of climate change. Studying computer science and earth systems through the geography department, he is going to present at SODA HALL, Monday November 15 at 7 PM. For comment, Kendrick told us the following: “I am…
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Lines of Action

Kendrick Sharpe MiniMax Algorithm for UC Berkeley.

Stonks – A Living Portfolio Analyzer

Kendrick Sharpe’s Stock, Bond, and ETF portfolio manager.

Gitlet – A Lite Version Control System

Kendrick Sharpe makes Gitlet by hand. Gitlet is baby Git!


International video game network created by Kendrick Sharpe.

Minecraft Username Scraper

Kendrick Sharpe creates a Username Scraper for a global video game.


Kendrick Sharpe makes a Snake game from scratch.