Pro Bono Software Engineering and Computer Education

Need a website for your small business? Want help setting up software? Need something custom, like an iOS app/webapp/designs? Reach out!

Software as an industry is contributing greatly to income inequality. Powerful and well-funded companies are able to use sophisticated techniques to drive sales and boost retention, out competing local family businesses. Similarly, technology is increasingly limited to those with the means to understand it.

Computer science education is not equitably distributed as well. As a result, I am willing to help balance out access to high-level computer science education. If you’re a student at UC Berkeley, I can help teach you CS61A, CS61B, and CS61C. If you are not a student at UC Berkeley, and want to learn Python/Java/C, I can also help out as well.

I’m willing to offer my skills to help. I’m frankly not sure the best way to do this, so for now please reach out by filling out this google form. Thank you!