Photo of Kendrick Sharpe and his cat, Artie

Kendrick Sharpe is a current undergraduate at The University of California, Berkeley in the college of Letters and Sciences where he is studying computer science and earth systems. Graduating in December 2022, Kendrick Sharpe has filled his undergraduate career with intense computer science projects, two internships at Google, one internship at Amazon, and two semesters on course staff where he taught CS61A: The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs to over 3,250 undergraduate students in small group discussions, office hours, and appointments.

About This Website

I often feel like it’s important that the public is informed about critical matters involving them. To most people, iPhones and laptops and the internet are magical things that nobody really knows how they work–at least that’s how I felt before I had begun studying at the best school in the world for computer science. Now, I understand that these magical technologies aren’t so magical at all. In fact, every part of the technology is carefully designed and fully understood by engineers out there in the world.

I started writing this because I wanted to put down all these thoughts I had while sitting in meetings and while working about the place technology has in my life, and the lives of the millions of users my coworkers were impacting. For starters, there are more mobile phone users than people who brush their teeth and the average mobile phone user spends 2 and a half hours per day on their device.

But… Don’t You Work In Tech?

Yes, I do. I think technology is an amazing thing that has connected millions of people around the world. The problems I solve at work are so interesting as well. But, the public is not informed about what they are using. I believe that users should learn about what different technologies are capable of, how they generate income for companies, and what the effects of spending time on a screen are.

This is not an anti-tech blog, and all of these opinions are my own. My goal for this blog is to provide my friends, peers, and family with critical information to help them make an informed decision about what apps to use and where to spend their money.