Stonks – A Living Portfolio Analyzer

Stonks – A Living Portfolio Analyzer

During the Coronavirus lockdown, I ended up moving back in with my family and after adjusting to the rapid changes and stresses associated with a global pandemic, I found myself with some spare time.

I decided to tackle one of my to-do list goals of investing. I had some spare cash laying around and as I begin to grow older and start needing to support myself I’ve had an increasing need to protect my financial future and best utilize my resources.

So I came up with a basic model of what I wanted my personal finances to look like, namely in terms of bonds, stocks, and ETF’s at the moment. I decided on a ratio I found good for me and realized I could automate quite a bit of my portfolio.So, a small part of my personal finances are managed by a bit of Python! Putting my money where my mouth is, I am letting my software dictate where I put my resources.

My Stonks project reads the market prices of stocks, records them, and keeps track of my purchase price to determine the value of my holdings. Based on ratios, my program will tell me to purchase more stocks or more bonds depending on how things are looking. In terms of stocks, this software will update me with purchase and sale notifications (I have to manually allow trades… I’m still working on it) as specific as economic sector based on NAICS code. I decided to base my stock holdings based on the US economy and as a result purchase and sell with the shape of the economy.

This project is still under development as I take more Econ and hopefully finance classes during my undergrad to get a better idea of what’s available.

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