Gitlet – A Lite Version Control System

Gitlet – A Lite Version Control System

I haven’t been posting all of my school projects because I only like posting things that I have a substantial contribution to. For example, this past semester in CS61B I’ve worked with the minimax algorithm, made a board game, created an enigma machine based on the german model from WWII, and more if you include fall. However, most of this code has come with relatively high amounts of starter code associated with it. This is why it doesn’t make it here.

However, this project was a doozy. over 2,200 lines of Java all from scratch. This project came with a blank main method and a testing script with no substantial integration tests. We had to make this all on our own.

What a project! Over the course of a few weeks I created a version control system from scratch, working with serialization, saving objects to files and reading them as well in order to maintain speed and transferability. It was a blast.

I also learned a lot about properly documenting code, creating thorough integration tests, and utilizing unit testing in practice.

This project was extremely large and as a result is quite difficult to talk about in it’s entirety. If you would like to learn more, here is a link to the project spec: Thank you!

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