The Hartley Network was a custom video game network I founded and started during the summer of 2019.

On this project, I have: used version control, worked with different developers and integrated code from multiple sources, created Java artifacts, explored DNS settings with SRV Records, A Records, and CNAME Records, handled end-user permissions to create a playable and enjoyable service, and taken it all to market.

The first week was rocky. I was constantly patching bugs and working on the server for a majority of the time, but I successfully created a stable release and began advertising by reaching out to old players, youtubers, and live streamers. By the end of week 1, we had approximately 80 unique logins and had direct connections with 24 people. Delegation had begun to take place as well, as users were creating and updating maps.

Over the course of the server’s life, my role and involvement changed as did the areas I worked in.

I began hiring staff, including a team of developers, working with advertisers (and eventually an advertising manager), and managing the in-game relations with players in the form of server moderation and volunteer helpers.

By August 11th, I had gathered over 10,000 views across multiple websites and a total of 750 players. I had advanced data analytics set up as well, and was working on a developmental data system to discover which game modes were best and where I was taking on water.

Towards the end of the service’s life, I have been selling off parts of the server while retaining rights and will most likely restart this network next summer to go at it again with my increased knowledge and skill of the subject.

I attribute a lot of my failures to a lack of experience, and while the server was generally a success there were times when things got rugged. I learned a lot through trial and error, and sometimes trial and error on a production set up is a recipe for disaster. I now know the importance of test environments, and sometimes moving slowly yet deliberately is extremely advantageous as opposed to quick, shoddy patches.

For more information, here is the hartley network website (will be funded through 2019 and partially 2020): -> The domain is no longer hosted!

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