Kendrick Sharpe - Computer Scientist @ UC Berkeley

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WARNING: Internet Addiction Is Real! Stickers for Sale

The average person aged 12-24 in the USA spends, on average, 3 hours per DAY on their devices. As a result, I decided to sell some stickers on my instagram[…]

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Featured in Daily Californian – Kendrick Sharpe’s Comments on The Pandemic

Kendrick Sharpe contributes to reflections about the shutdown of UC Berkeley. Read more at the link below, or click here.

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This year, I’ve built a series of AI/ML projects concerning Pac-Man! I have completed, with 100% accuracy, the following: P1: Search Students implement depth-first, breadth-first, uniform cost, and A* search[…]

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A Strong Education

UC Berkeley Class of 2022…

On track to graduate near the top of his class from Cal’s Computer Science program, Kendrick Sharpe has professional and project experience in Java, C, RISC-V, Python, Machine Learning, and Database Systems. Notable projects include working on Google Cloud and designing a backend for Google Store.

School Related Projects

…And A Little More.

Self-motivated projects showcase passion. Kendrick Sharpe’s notable personal
projects include a financial portfolio manager, a full-scale production video game network, iOS app store releases, and miscellaneous scripts.